Thursday, February 18, 2016

I'm still here. :)

Good morning friends!

  It sure has been a while since I've posted. Not even sure anyone will notice that I have come today to say hi.:)

  I truly would love to get back into posting once in a while..but it is difficult at the moment. I haven't had anything done yet with the cataract in my left eye..which seems to be the worst of the two. Not noticing much different with the right one yet. I have noticed that the text on the internet seems to be lighter than before though. I still see double when I read too much or use my eyes too much. Jim showed me ..that I could use the ctrl key and the plus sign to make the text bigger though.YAY!

  I did go to the eye doctor to see how bad the cataract is at the moment. He said it hasn't changed much since my last visit and I could go get it removed when I am able. Since we don't have may be a while before I take that option. He didn't even change my prescription for my glasses.:)

 Jim has been sick the last week or so. He finally took my advice to go to the Doctor because to sounded like he has bronchitis. Well...I was right. :)  He is now on antibiotics and a steroid for the inflammation. I think I may have caught the virus too. I had fever yesterday and am coughing.Still have fever but not so high today. Feeling rough. :( Jim is so sweet though. So concerned that I have fever.  LOVE that man!!!
  Just want to let you know that I really do miss you all!!

Huge hugs,


smiekeltje said...

Oh, so good to hear something from you and I feel so guilty not having mailed you in between, but I think we all had things that kept us busy and prevented us from staying in touch a bit more regular.
Gosh, isn;t there anyway you can have your cataract operated? Without insurance it will cost you a lot, I guess, but isn;t there a possibility to have it done abroad for less? Yes, of course you will have to pay for the voyage and probably some days of hotel or appartment, but it even might be cheaper with all that?
Health insurance here is expensive too, I am glad we can afford still the basic( with some help from government because we are on low income), but even then it is a lot of money for the insurance every month plus that we also have to pay a "own risk" of € 385,00 p.p.That means that if you need medicin or other things like e;g; fysiotherapie or glasses or dentist you first pay a percentage from the medicins and probably all costs for the other till you reach the € 385,00 and then the rest is payed by the insurance. A lot of people though cannot afford to pay that so more and more are trying to avoid doctors help, even when they need it and that is not a good thing.

Terribly sorry Jim has now a bronchitis and that you catched at least a heavy cold.
Be careful with it, take a lot of rest, stay warm and cross fingers it will be over soon.
Perhaps you had a chance to read every now and then my blog, then you know I am not feeling all the best I can at the moment. All will settle down though, in time. If we didn;t have that hope, it would be more difficult to cope with. I think also we just need again some spring and summer and warm weather and such. That would make already a big change.

Take care my dear,

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