Thursday, February 18, 2016

I'm still here. :)

Good morning friends!

  It sure has been a while since I've posted. Not even sure anyone will notice that I have come today to say hi.:)

  I truly would love to get back into posting once in a while..but it is difficult at the moment. I haven't had anything done yet with the cataract in my left eye..which seems to be the worst of the two. Not noticing much different with the right one yet. I have noticed that the text on the internet seems to be lighter than before though. I still see double when I read too much or use my eyes too much. Jim showed me ..that I could use the ctrl key and the plus sign to make the text bigger though.YAY!

  I did go to the eye doctor to see how bad the cataract is at the moment. He said it hasn't changed much since my last visit and I could go get it removed when I am able. Since we don't have may be a while before I take that option. He didn't even change my prescription for my glasses.:)

 Jim has been sick the last week or so. He finally took my advice to go to the Doctor because to sounded like he has bronchitis. Well...I was right. :)  He is now on antibiotics and a steroid for the inflammation. I think I may have caught the virus too. I had fever yesterday and am coughing.Still have fever but not so high today. Feeling rough. :( Jim is so sweet though. So concerned that I have fever.  LOVE that man!!!
  Just want to let you know that I really do miss you all!!

Huge hugs,