Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Vacation 2015

 The top two photos are from our trip to the Racoon Creek Bluegrass Festival.:) We discovered this only by surprise when we were trying to decide what to do on our weeks vacation. I had told Christy that Jim and I really love Bluegrass music and was wondering if we could find if there was any going on during our vacation time. Christy got on the internet and discovered they were having a Bluegrass Festival not thirty minutes away from where we live and it was happening that weekend.:) We got in the car after Jim got off of work and while at the Festival we discovered that they do this EVERY YEAR..and we had NO IDEA!! LOL

 The following day we got in the truck and traveled to Chattanooga Tennessee to ride a train. Hey..it was something we had never done and it was interesting.:)  It was a short trip with a Conductor tour guide who explained they never get rid of their old trains or parts. We could tell..because parts etc were all along the way.LOL We got to the end of the track where they would turn the engine completely around and hook it back onto what was the back of the train...which then became the front.Yes..they did.LOL When we returned to the station we decided to go explore the inside of the train cars that they had made a museum out of. Before the trip to the train museum we had already made reservations for the Southern Belle Dinner Cruise. Pics..below....

 We didn't get to take a cruise in the larger boat that you see in the upper photo. They only run that one on the weekends and we were there during the weekdays.The riverboat we went on was a good size though. Two stories with an upper deck.

 When we first entered the gift store before boarding the riverboat...this was our greeter. I told Jim that it wasn't a very good idea to have a skeleton greeting you on a dinner cruise.LOL

 Our table was reserved and they had a buffet with another Bluegrass band (pic below) playing while we ate.:)

The two photos above are of the upper deck. That's me taking a pic of Jim taking a pic of me.LOL The wind was blowing pretty good right about then..but it wasn't a cold one. Our trip down the Tennessee River took us to the Dam. The Captain of our boat told us that they had an agreement with the operators of the Dam. They would open the locks that raise the boats up to the higher level just to show us how that works. We didn't go into the lock but was able to see the doors open and then close again. We turned around and headed back to the dock and on the way we got to experience the pretty sunset.:)

  The following day we decided to head back to the house. Jim's back was really hurting him and he told me the next morning that he couldn't take another night in a hotel bed. I had woken during the night before he told me this and had thought maybe we shouldn't continue our vacation. We had planned to go to Nashville to the Grand Ole Opry but decided to go home instead. This was the morning before that man shot those marines in Chattanooga. We had actually passed a recruiting place in our travels trying to find our way around town. Not sure if that was the one or not. Sure is a sad thing to have happen.:( I like to think that the Lord got us out of town before that happened.KWIM?

 Well..hopefully it won't take me near as long to post to my blog again.:) If you do stop by ...please leave a note letting me know. It sure gets lonely over here.:)