Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

 These bears have taken over my bedroom and if they keep multiplying..I will need to get
them their own room so they can raise their family in their own environment.hehe

Also..Today is Mama and Joe's 2nd wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary to both of them.May they have many more.

 I have been wanting to make some cards but didn't want to follow a template or sketch. I had found some WONDERFUL and really PRETTY stickers from the Dollar Tree recently and had been itching to try them out. I'm not sure if you are able to see them closely enough or not since I took the pic of all of them together...but I will describe them the best I can. The card in the upper left corner...I used some white card stock that I had already embossed with embossing folders.( When I emboss or get a new embossing folder,I will cut card stock into the sizes that I can use on my cards...different sizes etc. I make several of the different folders that I have.Different colored card stock and different embossing on each of them. Then store them in a  drawer where I keep them for when I need to make a card in a hurry. I then just have to tape or glue them to the folded card and personalize it for whom ever the card is intended.) Back to the purple one.. I  took some purple stamp ink and sponged the raised areas from the embossing with it.Then used a stamp for the sentiment and used some self adhesive ribbon from Michael's Craft store to highlight the sentiment.The bottom three cards..I wanted to use a scrapbook technique of torn paper. The first one..I just tore the front of the card and then used coffee colored stamp ink on the torn edges and some distress ink around the edges of the card etc. Used the pretty self adhesive embellishments from the Dollar Tree and all it will need to finish the outside is a sentiment when the time comes.:) I used the same technique on the following two cards. I really love the torn and distressed look of them.:) I am sure I could have followed a sketch and used the technique too..but I wanted to be creative on my own.KWIM?

I took this pic of Chelsea last week. She LOVES playing catch but won't give the ball back to us. Her other favorite game is "keep away". She will nudge us repeatedly with the ball..wanting us to take it..and then back off out of reach when we try to get it. I keep telling her.." If you want me to throw have to GIVE it to me". LOL She sure occupies a LOT of my time..but I wouldn't change a thing.She is VERY insistent when she wants to play. She will grab my hand and pull it away from whatever is keeping me from her attention.:) I LOVE that little girl. She is still a puppy. Only ten months old as of Feb. 4th. I also..LOVE nap time.Hers and mine.hehe

Yay! I finally made another post!! Whew..I almost forgot how.hehe

Love and hugs,


smiekeltje said...

We are never too old to love bears. I love them too, and often have to be strong to not nuy another ne OL.
Chelsea is a lovely dog, and I understand you spend lots of time with her.
Congrats to your Mom and her husband, gosh, already two years, time keeps flying.
Oh, afternoon naps are such wonderful things to be able to do LOL.
Happy for you you find again time to do your hobby, and your cards are really pretty.
Thanks for visiting me and leaving a few words.
Have a wonderful day!

Samantha said...

Hello Valinda!

Yes this girl is back in action and happy to be making cards again....that was a long but also very short 3 years. Was shocked when I looked at my blog and realized it has been 3 years....I guess having a baby can do that to
I love your cards they are beautiful I love the tattered edges on a couple of those...beautiful. Glad to see you have got to some creating yourself.
Thanks for leaving some love.