Thursday, March 06, 2014

Jimmy update and Christy project!

 The two top pics are of Jimmy's leg with the blood clot and now he has infection in it. The Dr. told us that this is common with blood clots because the natural antibodies aren't able to get to the leg freely because of the blood flow being hindered. He put Jimmy on an antibiotic and it seems to be a little better this morning. Still swollen but not so red. Better is good!! :)

 Beau, a friend of the family was with us at Goodwill recently (can't remember the day) and showed this box to Christy and told her it would be great for the top of his dresser to keep his stuff organized. She told him to put it back cause she could MAKE one for him that would be more efficient and look better too.

                                                       I think she SUCCEEDED!!! :)

Thanks for stopping in!!