Friday, February 21, 2014

Update again.:)

Hi friends!!

 Well..Jimmy and I spent the weekend at the hospital. They finally admitted him Friday the 14th.(Valentine's Day) and he got a room around eleven p.m. It was a shared room and Jimmy wanted me to be able to spend the time at the hospital with him. He had never been to one to stay before except to take nieces..nephews and in-laws to the emergency room etc. The nurses were really nice and in order for me to spend the nights with him..they arranged for him to get a private room. I mainly stayed with him for support and help him with remembering what the Doctors were telling him.( he has always had difficulty with his memory)  It was a bit important for him to remember that.:) They put him on blood thinners...shots and pills. The shots are only until the pills take over and do their job. Jimmy hopes that is soon. His tummy is getting bruised.:( He was released from the hospital on Monday and allowed to come home.YAY! :) Still has to give himself a shot in the mornings and take a pill at five p.m. every day until the blood levels are where they want them.He was told to be very careful not to cut himself with the blood thinners in his system. :/ We got good news yesterday.... they told him he can return to work this evening. He is happy about that..cause he has missed almost a whole week of work and he has a car payment etc to keep up with. Thank you for your prayers!! I am so happy that the blood clot didn't completely close his vein off.:)

  I am still tired from losing all that sleep. The hospital noises (someone coughing something fierce,carts banging and clanging etc.) plus the train blowing it's whistle during the night and flights of life helicopters flying right by us... also...sleeping in a small recliner the first night....make for a disturbed sleep.:)  zzzzzzzz

Huge hugs,