Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Georgia Ice Storm! :/

                                  The top two pics are of the maple tree limbs covered in ice.

 These bottom four pics are of the street in front of our house. It hasn't snowed yet only sleet... and this is all ICE! Yikes!! Suppose to snow this afternoon. :)  We are all doing okay except for Jimmy .. he pulled a ligament in his thigh earlier in the week and he was hurting pretty badly yesterday afternoon. When I called the Doctor's office..they were closing early.I just missed being able to take him there. Everyone was leaving early again and lots weren't going to be open at all for the next two days. So...Jimmy called work to let them know he couldn't make it...because his leg was hurting. The new asst. manager said he needs a Doctor's excuse if he was going to miss a couple of days.All over the news they are saying...stay home..don't go out. We couldn't if we wanted to.:) I told Jimmy to talk to his regular manager about it.We plan to take him to the Doctor as soon as we are able.  Prayers would be most appreciated! Thank you! :)