Tuesday, January 28, 2014

60th Birthday= Celebrating At Home.

This is what our driveway and street look like now. It snowed enough to make driving up and down the driveway and street impossible. The car in the middle is a friends and he was trying to get out to go to an appointment when his car started sliding.He thought he had better stop where he was cause any further..he would have slid into Jimmy's car.The black truck at the bottom of the hill by the tree is Jim's truck he purchased yesterday evening. It wouldn't make it the rest of the way up the hill without sliding or wheels spinning. Guess it's a day to stay indoors.:) It's still snowing and isn't suppose to stop until some time tonight.

 If you have to be stuck at home on your Birthday..it is such a BLESSING to have a FANTASTICALLY,WONDERFUL,FRIEND like Barb,(Mrs. Miles) *link in sidebar* make you a BEAUTIFUL card  and to say such SWEET things about you on her blog!!  Thank you my SWEET and THOUGHTFUL friend! Huge hugs!

Earlier in the week I got a LOVELY Birthday card from my friend Nina ,*link in sidebar* Such a PLEASANT surprise! Thank you so much my dear friend! So PRETTY!  Huge hugs to you too!:)

Thank you Judy (Just Judy) *link in sidebar* for your Birthday wishes for me! Huge hugs my friend!

Thank you jperr for stopping in and wishing me a Happy Birthday! So SWEET of you! hugs!

 I would LOVE to thank EVERYONE who has wished me a Happy Birthday!!! THANK YOU for making my day so SPECIAL!:)