Tuesday, January 07, 2014

CHRISTmas Lights in our Neighborhood! :)

                                           This is what we saw as we rounded the corner!

                                              View from the opposite side. AWESOME!!

                                                Close up of some of the festive display.

So happy I thought of taking the pic of the fun facts. I sure wouldn't want to have to pay their electric bill. :) 
 The bottom pic is of a Marietta,Ga. land mark. If you are ever in our part of town. Places you want to go are either north, south,east or west of the "Big Chicken". It is a Kentucky Fried chicken place.:)

For more info..go here...   http://roadsidegeorgia.com/site/bigchicken.html

We thought it was COOL that they thought of it too!! :)

I know I am late posting CHRISTmas pics. As they say..better late than never.LOL

Thanks for stopping in and I sure hope you stay long enough to say Hi.:)