Sunday, September 28, 2014

Georgia State Fair 9-26-14 - Kenny Rogers in Concert! :)

 This place was PACKED!! By the time the concert started, there was standing room only.:) We had to sit in the back seating area. Jim got our seats 45 minutes before the time of the concert. It was really nice to see and hear him...well...what we could see and hear from that distance.LOL Jim was saying that he wondered how old Kenny was now and the lady in front of me told him that she had looked it up and he was 76. He had his wife and kids come onto the stage towards the end and his kids sang a song for us. :) This pic of Kenny was from wayyyy back in the back. I complained to Jim that I couldn't get a good pic and he told me..that it was a great one from that distance.:)

 This is the background pic I used for my layout of Kenny. You may click on it and then right click and *save as* if you would like to have it. :)

                 This is the ride that I took the background pic from. :) No..I didn't ride it.LOL
By the time the concert was over, we could hardly move for the amount of people. This was nothing compared to how crowded it was when it turned dark.:) We left with my feet dragging.LOL

Thanks for stopping in. I know it's been a little while since I posted. Huge hugs!!


smiekeltje said...

Oh, you actually saw and heard Kenny Rogers!!! wow, must have been a bit special.
Was he still any good now that he has a respectable age?
Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog.
Yes, we don;t have the best time of our lives at the moment, but it will be solved and get better.

Notes by Nina said...

Ohh I am so jealous, I love Kenny. My mom had all his albums and I can admit to being able to sing along to most. I use to run across field to get home to listen to Coward of the county when my parents yelled it was on the radio. This looks like great fun Valinda.

Barbara Derksen said...

Oh Gosh Valinda,

I'm only like 2 months late to visit here hahahaha! You must love me an awful lot to forgive that.

What a fun event, one day... ONE DAY we will do something like this together, right?