Friday, August 22, 2014

More pics of Chelsea.:)

 Say hey to our Chelsea girl!! :) She is about 4 1/2 months old now. Christy has her strapped into the doggy seat belt,getting ready for their trek up the mountain trails.Chelsea is getting bigger and bigger by the minute. She is going to be a fairly big dog when she finally gets through growing. We read that Alaskan Malamutes aren't fully grown until they are two years old.YIKES! :)Christy wanted a dog she could take on walks with her. Chelsea doesn't tire she will be perfect for the job.:)


                                          In the dog run section of one of our local parks.:)

                                                            Her stamp of approval?LOL

 They put a skate park in the park recently. This was the first time I had seen it. It looks like it could be fun ..and also scary.That there is concrete!! :)
                     She really LOVED the dog run! She is growing up sooo fast! She's already gotten most of her adult teeth in.:)

                                           This is Chelsea's Mom with some of her puppies. Christy told me that the  staff was always holding the pups when they got a free minute.:) 

  I know it has been a while since I have posted to my blog. This little girl requires a LOT of attention and when she finally takes her nap..I try to get as much done around the house as possible.:) Fortunately..she sleeps all night in our room and only gets me up when she needs to go out early in the mornings. Oh..and Facebook, keeping up with my family and friends also keeps me busy. Funny thing..they hardly EVER came to this blog to see what I was up to.:) I have learned so much more about my family and friends,their likes and dislikes and what is happening on a daily basis  since joining Facebook.

  A while back I posted about my brother,Tom...after his surgery for  Cochlear Implants so he can hear better. He is doing GREAT! Enjoying being able to hear the birds sing etc. He loves it so much that my older brother who has worn hearing aides since he was in high school is going to have the procedure done for himself soon. He's already been tested and passed the test for the surgery. Just a few more details to be taken care of. Please pray all goes well for him and the surgery will be successful!! Thank you!

Huge hugs,


smiekeltje said...

It's been so long since i left you a comment or mail, sorry for that. But with all my computer trouble, it's hard to keep up the "normal"stuff. Hopefully all will go better again now, as I am getting used to my computer slowly.
Then there is Jan, learning to handle and work with a computer and that in windows 8(of what I know nothing about).
The dog looks so cute. Great to have her around, isnt it?
Good to hear all is okay with you, and that your brother's surgery went well. Good luck wishes sent for your other brother and that he soon will be happy to hear a lot of sounds again too!
Sending also a lot of greetings to all of you and a hug

xashee's corner said...

Hi Val! thank you for visiting & commenting on me ol' blog :)
i think the puppy is adorable but better yet, she's gonna be a beautiful dog!!
hey if your daughter stills wants to crochet/knit she might want to look into these round looms
sure do make it easier on the hands and still make cute hats, scarves & all kinds of other things! free patterns online too :D
thanks for keeping me updated, Val, i do miss our scrapping community.
lately hubby and my health are taking us thru some heavy trials. most recently, i was in the hospital (twice) with a gastritis/colitis type troubles, NOT FUN AT ALLLLLL!!! then hubby goes in next week for heart surgery so he can be strong enough for bladder stone removal surgery AND chemo for prostate cancer. and my problem has completely resolved itself yet. been REALLY rough but we get thru it together, holding tight :)
keeping you in my prayers, my friend, much love too! keep in touch and see ya soon :D HUGS