Friday, May 02, 2014

What's been happening lately? .......

                            Our oldest Grand daughter's nineteenth birthday at Pacific Buffet.

                                          Mama's 85th Birthday at Donny's Country Buffet.There were seventeen or eighteen of us family members there to help her celebrate.:) The owner's wife gave Mama a glass jar with the tulips (including the bulbs still attached to them) in it.

 Our middle Grand daughter's 14th Birthday. She is a leap year baby. As you can tell..these didn't end up in  the correct order.:)

                 Easter...Destiny and Lexi hunting for the last egg. They were getting "warmer". :)

 Our new puppy who is only four weeks old and can't stay with us for another couple of weeks..but came for a visit yesterday.Sooo CUTE. Her name is Chelsea ( Christy named her)  Here she is telling her toy that SHE is the boss! LOL

         Jimmy draws cartoon character pages for the kids birthdays. They get to color them.:)

                  My Great Nephew, Levi's third birthday at Stevie B's Pizza Buffet last evening. We got him some goggles,snorkel and fins  to have fun with in the pool. If it ever stops raining.:)    

I am sure these aren't the only things I have been doing lately.Seems full of *life*. Never a dull moment. :) We have a very large family and we missed our Great Niece's birthday party because we were on vacation at the time. They celebrated her Daddy's birthday at the same time as hers.

 Thanks for stopping in and for understanding that I can't get to your blogs as often as I use to. I think of you often though.Hugs!



Judy said...

girl you have been busy ...understand fully time seems to be flying by...we miss you and love you lots ...can't wait for the day we all can do a card together..


smiekeltje said...

Very understandable you cannot be around the net too often LOL!
All those birthdays and family gatherings and then "normal life"gets in too, OMG you will need soon another holiday!
Thanks for leaving me a mail, and sorry I didn;t respond to it till now.
Always are happy when you send me a little message from time to time, so I know all goes rather well over there!
Of course we all have things happening that aren't the best things around, but as long as the good things are outnumbering them, we will survive the annoying or even pesky things one way or the other.
Take care, dear, don;t forget to take a break here and there we aren;t the youngest anymore (SIGH).