Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chelsea is eight weeks old now.!

 These top two photos are of Chelsea, yesterday and today. She got quiet and when I went looking for her.... this is where I found her. Isn't that the cutest?!! I have been given several stuffed animals through the years and I guess they must remind her of her brothers and sisters.:)

                           She also has decided that she likes my flip flops to sleep on too. LOL She decided she liked my bow on one of them this morning and promptly claimed it as her own.:)

 She keeps me on my worn out ( from keeping her out of trouble)  toes most of the day. I have decided I can get a lot done during her three or four nap times a day. Whew...I told Jim we needed to name her "teeth" cause she bites and chews and puts things in her mouth that don't belong there.:) She is teething and that means chewing on something most of the time. We take away what we don't want her to chew on and replace it with what she is allowed to chew on. It's a full time job!LOL

Thanks for stopping in again and for leaving me with a comment or two.:) Hugs!!


smiekeltje said...

She's adorable! And yes, a puppy is almost the same as a little child, asking a lot of your time!!!
But they are so adorable and funny, that you give in to it. Worst thing is that Chelsea likes to chew on anything she finds. Tough job to replace all the time the stuff she finds into things she is allowed to chew on.
Thibj you are right that she might miss the company of her brothers and sisters and therefor looks for something to cherish, probably your scent on the flip flops replaces her mother. YOU are her mother now LOL!
She needs still a lot of cuddling.!

Thanks for leaving sa comment of my posts. As long as we keep in touch every now and then, we know we are still alive and doing more or less okay!
We already go back some years, don;t we?

Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the presence of Chelsea, and take good care of yourself!

Barbara Derksen said...

Awwww Valinda,

Your newest furry family member is adorable beyond measure. How FAST they grow and don't we want to always hold fast to the puppy stage?

Thank you for sharing the photos with all us out here.

Love and miss you!
♥ Barbs