Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chelsea is eight weeks old now.!

 These top two photos are of Chelsea, yesterday and today. She got quiet and when I went looking for her.... this is where I found her. Isn't that the cutest?!! I have been given several stuffed animals through the years and I guess they must remind her of her brothers and sisters.:)

                           She also has decided that she likes my flip flops to sleep on too. LOL She decided she liked my bow on one of them this morning and promptly claimed it as her own.:)

 She keeps me on my worn out ( from keeping her out of trouble)  toes most of the day. I have decided I can get a lot done during her three or four nap times a day. Whew...I told Jim we needed to name her "teeth" cause she bites and chews and puts things in her mouth that don't belong there.:) She is teething and that means chewing on something most of the time. We take away what we don't want her to chew on and replace it with what she is allowed to chew on. It's a full time job!LOL

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Carrie's Graduation from High School! :)

      My brother and his wife came through from Florida on their way to Indiana for vacation. I am taking the pic.:) From left to SIL Bonnie,behind her..Beau, then Robby, Jim and nearest to us..Tom and Bonnie's son Nephew. :) My brother,Tom isn't in this pic.

                              Robby and Beau cooked the bbq chicken for us and it was delicious!

                                                    Family members and their friends.:)

                                                               More family members!

Our eldest Grand daughter ,Carrie graduated from High School Friday and it ended up being a wonderful celebration that took up most of the day. Robby,Liz,Melisa,Christy, Jimmy, Beau and I went to the ceremony to see her graduate.:)  Jim had to work.  Afterwards we were all instructed to exit to the garden area where we could locate our graduate. That was definitely NOT a well planned ordeal.LOL How hard do you think it would be to locate your loved one in a sea of graduation uniforms ,with all their loved ones trying to do the same as a huge crowd? Thankfully she had a cell phone and we were able to tell her where we were while she was trying to tell us where she was.LOL We all headed back to our place to have a celebration cookout. The food and drink tables aren't showing in this set of pics. As you can see we had a great turn out.:) Where as..I promptly got the flu in the middle of the night and was sick all weekend. Happy it waited until after the celebration!:)

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Friday, May 02, 2014

What's been happening lately? .......

                            Our oldest Grand daughter's nineteenth birthday at Pacific Buffet.

                                          Mama's 85th Birthday at Donny's Country Buffet.There were seventeen or eighteen of us family members there to help her celebrate.:) The owner's wife gave Mama a glass jar with the tulips (including the bulbs still attached to them) in it.

 Our middle Grand daughter's 14th Birthday. She is a leap year baby. As you can tell..these didn't end up in  the correct order.:)

                 Easter...Destiny and Lexi hunting for the last egg. They were getting "warmer". :)

 Our new puppy who is only four weeks old and can't stay with us for another couple of weeks..but came for a visit yesterday.Sooo CUTE. Her name is Chelsea ( Christy named her)  Here she is telling her toy that SHE is the boss! LOL

         Jimmy draws cartoon character pages for the kids birthdays. They get to color them.:)

                  My Great Nephew, Levi's third birthday at Stevie B's Pizza Buffet last evening. We got him some goggles,snorkel and fins  to have fun with in the pool. If it ever stops raining.:)    

I am sure these aren't the only things I have been doing lately.Seems full of *life*. Never a dull moment. :) We have a very large family and we missed our Great Niece's birthday party because we were on vacation at the time. They celebrated her Daddy's birthday at the same time as hers.

 Thanks for stopping in and for understanding that I can't get to your blogs as often as I use to. I think of you often though.Hugs!