Sunday, April 13, 2014

Big Shanty Festival 2014

                                      This weekend was the Big Shanty Festival in our town.I told Jim I wanted to go cause I wanted a turkey leg, and we searched until Christy pointed out the booth. I got it and ate it while walking around the festival grounds.:) mmmmm

                                          This is the food court and the back of Christy's head in front of the main stage.

                                              Seating area in the food court by the stage.

 I thought this was very interesting. Photos of different things that can represent a letter in the alphabet. They had all kinds of individual photos that you could buy to make the word you want.

                                                   Cute name for a dog treat.LOL

 Jim recognized this man from the Georgia fair a few years ago. Back then we watched him carve a bear out of a stump ..using a chain saw. We didn't stick around to watch him finish this one though.Too much to see.:)

 I watched as they put this girl into the flattened ball and then added air to it to inflate it. I think if someone offered me money..I would have to say..."No Thank you!" :)

This is such a COOL idea. Changing stations throughout the festival that were kept with supplies! This particular tiny baby was NOT happy at all during the process! LOL

 It was really nice to get out and enjoy our Sunday afternoon at the festival. The weather was nice..and the walk did us good..I am sure..I will try to remember that in the morning when my foot touches the floor first thing.:)

Thanks so much for stopping in.