Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another Update on Jimmy's leg.

First..I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers for Jimmy! He spent another couple of days in the hospital this last weekend.The antibiotic the Doctor put him on wasn't working and his leg continued to get redder and more swollen. They admitted him to the hospital and ran a stronger antibiotic through the IV. which really helped. His leg is turning back to a normal color and not so swollen.YAY! His blood levels were too high ..which means his blood that they are trying to thin to a level between two and three...was OVER three and too thin. They didn't give him any blood thinners over the weekend and now it is down..too low. 1.8. we go again trying to get the medical dosage of blood thinner to the correct amount. It's been a rather interesting time lately..but we are TRUSTING the LORD to take care of this for him!!! The Lord's timing is PERFECT! :)

Reminds me of that song..LEARNING TO LEAN! Jimmy has had a WONDERFUL experience throughout this whole time with the Lord's PRESENCE with him. NO FEAR AT ALL! :) THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Learning to lean on Jesus



Judy said...

Our Prayers are with you and Jim and the whole family ...the Lord will heal him complete and he will be running around doing all the wonderful things he does for all. A big HUG to you Val...keep your eyes on the Lord and watch his miracles unfold.

hugs and tons of love

smiekeltje said...

Oh gosh, Jimmy still has no luck at all with his leg, to say it mildly.
I surely hope that ow they can find the right medicines and treatment for him, so it will turn all to normal values, no infections anymore, and bloog to acceptable values.
You must be worrying, it's going a bit like a rollercoaster with Jimmy at the moment.
Thanks to let us know how things are going.
I only can say stay calm and believe in a good outcome.