Sunday, February 16, 2014


Shortly before the ice storm,Jimmy had hie leg swell from the knee down to his toes. I had him put his leg up higher than his heart to help the swelling to go down.It eased some of the swelling but it came back. The ice storm prevented us from taking him to the when we were able after the thawing,We took him to a small urgent care and the Doctor there told us to take him to the emergency room..and ask them to do an ultrasound for a blood clot. We did and Several hours later he found out that yes..he had a large blood clot going from his upper thigh to mid calf. The vein wasn't completely closed but it isn't allowing blood to flow through it as it should. He has been put on blood thinners and can't go home until his blood levels are where they want them. Soooo here we sit in a hospital room until the Doctors decide he can go home and continue taking his medication there.

Earlier in the week I finally got my eyes checked and found out that I have a cataract in both eyes.that is why my eyes keep bothering me. I also found out some good news! There is no sign of macular degeneration or diabetes!!!! Yay!  The cataract in my left eye is worse than the right. Good news though.when it gets to a certain can be surgically removed in a thirty minute out patient operation. :) in the meantime I won't be posting as much but will have you all on my mind and heart!!!


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smiekeltje said...

Ph dear God, some distressing news you;ve got there! Good you could reach the emergency in time for Jimmy, and they found what was wrong with his leg. Hopefully with the medicines it will all go away , but it's always scary!Sending some words "upstairs"for extra help!
Good to hear also some good news, but the cataract in your eyes is no fun at all!
Hoping you can be operated soon for it and that all will go without problems!
This year isn;t strting all to well though for you and your family.
May be you had it all at once and the rest of the year will be without big shocks!