Thursday, February 13, 2014

It snowed after the ice storm.:)

                           This is a pic from our front porch. It is really a lot prettier in real life.:)

                                                 This is Jimmy's car..under there somewhere.:)

                                                 We weren't going ANYWHERE today.:)

                             Jim said it was about three inches of snow.That's a LOT for here.LOL

 The trees were sooo pretty with all that snow on them. Happy they didn't get too heavy with it.:)

                                                       Christy starting a snowman.:)

                      Next thing I know..Jim is out there helping Christy to build a snowman. :)

The electricity went off this morning suddenly..came right back on...then right back off again...then
back on and then back off , It stayed off for an hour. It was early and still dark we got the candles going and fortunately we have a gas fireplace and some logs that are suppose to last a long time. We closed off the bedroom doors and heated the central part of the house.We were able to heat our coffee etc on the stove. It is gas too.:)  When the electricity came back on and we knew it prolly would stay on this time...I came into my office to turn the computer on.Nothing happened.:( Tried it again..NOTHING.:( The power play fried my power box! Jim had another tower with a power box in it and spent the afternoon putting all the parts from my old tower..into the new/bigger and better one.!! :) It's been a real eventful few days around here..but we all made it through so far. It's suppose to get back down to freezing temperatures tonight..and there will be ice again to deal with until it finally thaws tomorrow sometime.:)

Thank you for stopping in and leaving sweet comments for me.:) Huge hugs!


Judy said...

oh my gosh ..your weather looks for you to stay home snuggly warm and not driving those roads. Have a great weekend. Pray for the sun to shine for you and melt those piles of snow away.


smiekeltje said...

It all looks always so pretty, fresh snow, but it stays that way only for an hour or may two or may be a whole day, but then it should go away real quick LOL.
The most annoying is that powerloss you have at times!
And even that can be handled for a shorter time, but it isn't nice that it blows up your computer power box!
Thanks for the very handy hubby you have who made you an even better box!
You should stay in if possible, perhaps take a little walk in the garden to have a bit of fresh air and then quickly back in again.
Here we still had no winter at all, yesterday a storm was blowing over, some substantial damage in the country, but today the wind is already much less, and at the moment sun is shining.
So I guess we still shouldn;t complain too much!
Have a wonderful weekend and a safe one!