Thursday, February 06, 2014

Another Birthday Dinner .:)

My older brother,Lewis, shown front left in this pic. Invited Jim and me to Golden Corral (buffet) as his treat for our birthdays this month. This was Tuesday night. My sister and her hubby and grand daughter,Katlyn, are on the left behind Lewis. Then on the right..front to back is Joe,Mama,Me, and the love of my life,Jim.:)  After the dinner and we said our goodbyes. Joe asked Jim and me if we were going to stop by and see the new puppy that he and Mama got last week. We did that and had a blast watching that little pup get excited to play. I asked Mama if she had a ball for it. She searched and found a tennis ball and rolled it for the pup. I tell you would have thought that ball and the pup were best friends seeing each other after a long separation.LOL CUTE! :)  Bella,the puppy is only seven weeks old.Cuteness and sweetness all rolled up in one!

 This evening we are going to Donny's buffet to celebrate my Niece's birthday. I see a diet coming on if this happens much more in the near future.LOL

Thanks for stopping in. Maybe next time I will post pics of Mama and Joe's pup.:)



smiekeltje said...

You are having a lot of dinners lately LOL!Well, what does it matter, as long as it is in good company and tasty!
And diet???? Just wait till it will be better weather, you will work it off I am sure ROFL!
Love to see some photos of that puppy.
Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Valinda,

That is TOO cool that you got celebrated a multiple of times!! We never get enough celebrations.

How was the food there? Will we go there when we come? haha!

Mamma looks FANTASTIC (and obviously passed her good genes on to you!)

Sounds like fun with the puppy, sure would love a pic of that sweetie too.

Love ya,