Friday, February 21, 2014

Update again.:)

Hi friends!!

 Well..Jimmy and I spent the weekend at the hospital. They finally admitted him Friday the 14th.(Valentine's Day) and he got a room around eleven p.m. It was a shared room and Jimmy wanted me to be able to spend the time at the hospital with him. He had never been to one to stay before except to take nieces..nephews and in-laws to the emergency room etc. The nurses were really nice and in order for me to spend the nights with him..they arranged for him to get a private room. I mainly stayed with him for support and help him with remembering what the Doctors were telling him.( he has always had difficulty with his memory)  It was a bit important for him to remember that.:) They put him on blood thinners...shots and pills. The shots are only until the pills take over and do their job. Jimmy hopes that is soon. His tummy is getting bruised.:( He was released from the hospital on Monday and allowed to come home.YAY! :) Still has to give himself a shot in the mornings and take a pill at five p.m. every day until the blood levels are where they want them.He was told to be very careful not to cut himself with the blood thinners in his system. :/ We got good news yesterday.... they told him he can return to work this evening. He is happy about that..cause he has missed almost a whole week of work and he has a car payment etc to keep up with. Thank you for your prayers!! I am so happy that the blood clot didn't completely close his vein off.:)

  I am still tired from losing all that sleep. The hospital noises (someone coughing something fierce,carts banging and clanging etc.) plus the train blowing it's whistle during the night and flights of life helicopters flying right by us... also...sleeping in a small recliner the first night....make for a disturbed sleep.:)  zzzzzzzz

Huge hugs,


Sunday, February 16, 2014


Shortly before the ice storm,Jimmy had hie leg swell from the knee down to his toes. I had him put his leg up higher than his heart to help the swelling to go down.It eased some of the swelling but it came back. The ice storm prevented us from taking him to the when we were able after the thawing,We took him to a small urgent care and the Doctor there told us to take him to the emergency room..and ask them to do an ultrasound for a blood clot. We did and Several hours later he found out that yes..he had a large blood clot going from his upper thigh to mid calf. The vein wasn't completely closed but it isn't allowing blood to flow through it as it should. He has been put on blood thinners and can't go home until his blood levels are where they want them. Soooo here we sit in a hospital room until the Doctors decide he can go home and continue taking his medication there.

Earlier in the week I finally got my eyes checked and found out that I have a cataract in both eyes.that is why my eyes keep bothering me. I also found out some good news! There is no sign of macular degeneration or diabetes!!!! Yay!  The cataract in my left eye is worse than the right. Good news though.when it gets to a certain can be surgically removed in a thirty minute out patient operation. :) in the meantime I won't be posting as much but will have you all on my mind and heart!!!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

It snowed after the ice storm.:)

                           This is a pic from our front porch. It is really a lot prettier in real life.:)

                                                 This is Jimmy's car..under there somewhere.:)

                                                 We weren't going ANYWHERE today.:)

                             Jim said it was about three inches of snow.That's a LOT for here.LOL

 The trees were sooo pretty with all that snow on them. Happy they didn't get too heavy with it.:)

                                                       Christy starting a snowman.:)

                      Next thing I know..Jim is out there helping Christy to build a snowman. :)

The electricity went off this morning suddenly..came right back on...then right back off again...then
back on and then back off , It stayed off for an hour. It was early and still dark we got the candles going and fortunately we have a gas fireplace and some logs that are suppose to last a long time. We closed off the bedroom doors and heated the central part of the house.We were able to heat our coffee etc on the stove. It is gas too.:)  When the electricity came back on and we knew it prolly would stay on this time...I came into my office to turn the computer on.Nothing happened.:( Tried it again..NOTHING.:( The power play fried my power box! Jim had another tower with a power box in it and spent the afternoon putting all the parts from my old tower..into the new/bigger and better one.!! :) It's been a real eventful few days around here..but we all made it through so far. It's suppose to get back down to freezing temperatures tonight..and there will be ice again to deal with until it finally thaws tomorrow sometime.:)

Thank you for stopping in and leaving sweet comments for me.:) Huge hugs!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Georgia Ice Storm! :/

                                  The top two pics are of the maple tree limbs covered in ice.

 These bottom four pics are of the street in front of our house. It hasn't snowed yet only sleet... and this is all ICE! Yikes!! Suppose to snow this afternoon. :)  We are all doing okay except for Jimmy .. he pulled a ligament in his thigh earlier in the week and he was hurting pretty badly yesterday afternoon. When I called the Doctor's office..they were closing early.I just missed being able to take him there. Everyone was leaving early again and lots weren't going to be open at all for the next two days. So...Jimmy called work to let them know he couldn't make it...because his leg was hurting. The new asst. manager said he needs a Doctor's excuse if he was going to miss a couple of days.All over the news they are saying...stay home..don't go out. We couldn't if we wanted to.:) I told Jimmy to talk to his regular manager about it.We plan to take him to the Doctor as soon as we are able.  Prayers would be most appreciated! Thank you! :)


Saturday, February 08, 2014

Mama and Joe's Puppy

 This is Mama and Joe's new puppy..Bella. She is only eight weeks old now. The man in the pic in case you don't recognize my dear hubby,Jim! :)  I had a video of Bella playing with a tennis ball..but blogger kept telling me there was an error in loading it.:( If you are friends with me on can see it there.:) 

Thanks so much for your lovely visits and comments. They make my day!! :)


Thursday, February 06, 2014

Another Birthday Dinner .:)

My older brother,Lewis, shown front left in this pic. Invited Jim and me to Golden Corral (buffet) as his treat for our birthdays this month. This was Tuesday night. My sister and her hubby and grand daughter,Katlyn, are on the left behind Lewis. Then on the right..front to back is Joe,Mama,Me, and the love of my life,Jim.:)  After the dinner and we said our goodbyes. Joe asked Jim and me if we were going to stop by and see the new puppy that he and Mama got last week. We did that and had a blast watching that little pup get excited to play. I asked Mama if she had a ball for it. She searched and found a tennis ball and rolled it for the pup. I tell you would have thought that ball and the pup were best friends seeing each other after a long separation.LOL CUTE! :)  Bella,the puppy is only seven weeks old.Cuteness and sweetness all rolled up in one!

 This evening we are going to Donny's buffet to celebrate my Niece's birthday. I see a diet coming on if this happens much more in the near future.LOL

Thanks for stopping in. Maybe next time I will post pics of Mama and Joe's pup.:)


Sunday, February 02, 2014

60th Birthday Happenings!

                                                 It snowed 2 1/2 inches at our place.

 The top four photos are from my front porch. The neighborhood kids were having a blast climbing to the top end of our street slide down on their makeshift sleds.:)

 These pics are of my back yard. The snowdrift at the bottom of the pic is actually the top of our grill.LOL 

 Since we were snowed in and didn't have any way to get a cake from anywhere. Christy made a home made Chocolate chip cookie cake for the five of us!! I already had a sugar free cake mix waiting to be mixed and baked ..and she made cupcakes for me using that. She had bought a can or two of chocolate icing a while back and had it in her cupboard. Jim held a candle up for me and the family sang happy birthday to me and I made a wish and blew it out.LOL the reason I am posting this today...Jim had asked me way before my birthday this last Tuesday..where I wanted  him to take me for my Birthday dinner. I told him Texas Roadhouse!! snowed really hard and during the snowy days I had caught a cold and didn't feel we waited for me to get to feeling better. We decided to go today and I had found a Special in my email for a free Cactus Blossom (onion) and that today was another special. An 11 oz Sirloin steak, two sides, and unlimited dinner rolls and peanuts! $10.99!! The dinner was AWESOMELY DELICIOUS! I couldn't have asked for anything better!!! Everything was cooked just the way we all wanted it. ( My son Robby and his wife Liz, Christy, Jim and I ) We all LOVED our meals! It took a few days to get there ,,,hehe..but well worth the trip.:)