Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I made a card!!!!! :)

 I finally stopped everything and made a card. The cool part is..I did it just for FUN!!! :) I used one of the papers as a back drop for the card.The card is perfectly square...the photo isn't.LOL 

Here is a close up of the wire butterfly antennas I made from 20 gauge jewelry wire.

I am going to attempt to list the items I used to make this card. I may miss a couple of things ..so let me know if there is something you are interested in locating.:)

K& Company Teal Flower and Letter
K& Company TC Fall Script
Paper Bliss Cream and Ivory Embellished Stitched Paper Kit. (the base of the tag was already made..I added the script paper, butterfly,scroll, and pearls.) Oh..and a couple pieces of glitter that decided to hitch a ride.:) The corners were already made and came with the kit. I used glue dots to adhere them.

Pearls are from Michael's Craft store.

Butterfly: Martha Stewart punch. I punched two  out of another paper that has Daisies on it ,then laid one on top of the other to add some fluff.

The card is much nicer off camera.:)

I had fun creating again..but now I have to go create a clean kitchen and house.LOL 

Thanks for stopping in!!



Judy said...

awesome there's are Val ...creating a card and what a beautiful card. Love it ...thanks so much for sharing.


smiekeltje said...

That has been a rather long time that you made a card again, and then it's just for fun LOL.
But you did a beautiful job there, it looks great.
So it looks as if all is well with you and family?
Will you have finally a bit of not so busy days and weeks? You know, the kitchen and such can always wait a day more, ROFL!
I don;t think you will have to crawl through dust bunnie heaps and piles of dishes and cups, waiting to be washed and so on, so another day of just doing creative things cannot hurt you too much.
Just kidding, dear, you do what you think you have to, but don;t forget to take some relaxing time too, at our age we are already a bit entitled to ROFL.( at least, that is what I keep telling myself, hahah).
Have a wonderful day and rest of the week