Tuesday, January 07, 2014

CHRISTmas Lights in our Neighborhood! :)

                                           This is what we saw as we rounded the corner!

                                              View from the opposite side. AWESOME!!

                                                Close up of some of the festive display.

So happy I thought of taking the pic of the fun facts. I sure wouldn't want to have to pay their electric bill. :) 
 The bottom pic is of a Marietta,Ga. land mark. If you are ever in our part of town. Places you want to go are either north, south,east or west of the "Big Chicken". It is a Kentucky Fried chicken place.:)

For more info..go here...   http://roadsidegeorgia.com/site/bigchicken.html

We thought it was COOL that they thought of it too!! :)

I know I am late posting CHRISTmas pics. As they say..better late than never.LOL

Thanks for stopping in and I sure hope you stay long enough to say Hi.:)



Judy said...

wow...beautiful...like you said won't want to pay the hydro bill but the lights are beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pictures ...Happy New Years my friend ..may the Lord Bless you and the family through the whole year.


smiekeltje said...

Beautiful Christmas decoration, but oh my, they must have a HUGE electric bill to pay, gosh!
Wishing you and your family all good things for this new year!

Mrs. Miles said...

My gracious, Valinda - I don't think I could sleep if I lived next door, I'd be thinking it was daytime. It IS so pretty though. Glad someone else's passion is for this and the rest of us get to simply enjoy it. Thanks for posting.