Tuesday, January 28, 2014

60th Birthday= Celebrating At Home.

This is what our driveway and street look like now. It snowed enough to make driving up and down the driveway and street impossible. The car in the middle is a friends and he was trying to get out to go to an appointment when his car started sliding.He thought he had better stop where he was cause any further..he would have slid into Jimmy's car.The black truck at the bottom of the hill by the tree is Jim's truck he purchased yesterday evening. It wouldn't make it the rest of the way up the hill without sliding or wheels spinning. Guess it's a day to stay indoors.:) It's still snowing and isn't suppose to stop until some time tonight.

 If you have to be stuck at home on your Birthday..it is such a BLESSING to have a FANTASTICALLY,WONDERFUL,FRIEND like Barb,(Mrs. Miles) *link in sidebar* make you a BEAUTIFUL card  and to say such SWEET things about you on her blog!!  Thank you my SWEET and THOUGHTFUL friend! Huge hugs!

Earlier in the week I got a LOVELY Birthday card from my friend Nina ,*link in sidebar* Such a PLEASANT surprise! Thank you so much my dear friend! So PRETTY!  Huge hugs to you too!:)

Thank you Judy (Just Judy) *link in sidebar* for your Birthday wishes for me! Huge hugs my friend!

Thank you jperr for stopping in and wishing me a Happy Birthday! So SWEET of you! hugs!

 I would LOVE to thank EVERYONE who has wished me a Happy Birthday!!! THANK YOU for making my day so SPECIAL!:)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Birthday Card :)

I remembered that I needed a Birthday card for my Niece this coming week! Happy I already had the supplies on my dining table from the last two cards I made.YAY!! :) 

I wish I could tell you what papers I used on this..but they were some that had been taken out of a set and ended up in my stash.:)

I used some bright pink Recollections card stock for the  Fiskar's cupcake border punch. I used a ready made tag sticker from Special Moments and then punched some butterflies using Martha Stewart's butterfly punch. Added some gems from Michael' Craft store too. I took this pic before I realized I hadn't added the antenna's on the butterfly..so that was accomplished afterwards.They look like the ones in the previous post.:)

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

And...another card.:)

  While I had the same papers etc out yesterday... I decided to use the second half of the background card stock to make another card.:) I covered another butterfly with glitter and then added it to the tag that was already mostly made. I did add A Golden Splendor wire edged ribbon to cover the center of the tag. I also used *part* of a Recollections element (seen in the bottom pic) I just cut out what I wanted ( seen to the right of the tag) and left the rest for another time. As you can see..I got a GREAT deal from Micheal's Craft Store on them. I got a handful.:) I made the corners using Fiskar's corner punch.Then added a gem to the center of each. Attached them using a small glue dot.

  As usual..the card looks much nicer in person.The colors are more distinct...but you get the idea..right?:)

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I made a card!!!!! :)

 I finally stopped everything and made a card. The cool part is..I did it just for FUN!!! :) I used one of the papers as a back drop for the card.The card is perfectly square...the photo isn't.LOL 

Here is a close up of the wire butterfly antennas I made from 20 gauge jewelry wire.

I am going to attempt to list the items I used to make this card. I may miss a couple of things ..so let me know if there is something you are interested in locating.:)

K& Company Teal Flower and Letter
K& Company TC Fall Script
Paper Bliss Cream and Ivory Embellished Stitched Paper Kit. (the base of the tag was already made..I added the script paper, butterfly,scroll, and pearls.) Oh..and a couple pieces of glitter that decided to hitch a ride.:) The corners were already made and came with the kit. I used glue dots to adhere them.

Pearls are from Michael's Craft store.

Butterfly: Martha Stewart punch. I punched two  out of another paper that has Daisies on it ,then laid one on top of the other to add some fluff.

The card is much nicer off camera.:)

I had fun creating again..but now I have to go create a clean kitchen and house.LOL 

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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

CHRISTmas Lights in our Neighborhood! :)

                                           This is what we saw as we rounded the corner!

                                              View from the opposite side. AWESOME!!

                                                Close up of some of the festive display.

So happy I thought of taking the pic of the fun facts. I sure wouldn't want to have to pay their electric bill. :) 
 The bottom pic is of a Marietta,Ga. land mark. If you are ever in our part of town. Places you want to go are either north, south,east or west of the "Big Chicken". It is a Kentucky Fried chicken place.:)

For more info..go here...   http://roadsidegeorgia.com/site/bigchicken.html

We thought it was COOL that they thought of it too!! :)

I know I am late posting CHRISTmas pics. As they say..better late than never.LOL

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