Monday, October 28, 2013

Nicole's Baby Shower :) My Niece...

 I borrowed these top two pics from someone else that was at the party and put these together. Such CUTE ideas for this party. My sister made the stroller and I thought it was adorable!! The mason jars etc across the mantle have assorted lace wrapped around them and candles inside to make them light up and the mirror reflected them perfectly.:) BTW...we have been told that she is having a girl. Can you tell?LOL

 It was a really GREAT baby shower. LOTS of family and friends from both sides of the family.Couples were Jim and I were able to attend it together. It was hosted by my sister and my Niece..Nicole's Mother in law. It was at her Mother in law's home.

 This was our gift to Nicole and Troy. A baby girl scrapbook with the pages set up so all she would have to do is add pics and some journaling. The card is similar to the one I posted a while back for a little boy. I changed the main background to pink instead of blue for this one and added a beaded swirl to the bottom.
                                        I just HAD to show you this display of gifts for the guests.

 My Brother in Law,Ed, who is Nicole's Dad..made these CUTE booties and filled them with a little pillow stuffing and some thin strips of paper which were crinkled and then he added the dinner mints to the top.You see the up close display below.

 The mason jars were filled with the dry ingredients for cookies. The tag attached has the recipe and instructions for making them. I always LOVED this idea and was thrilled when my sister told me to take two..cause others had skipped taking them.:)

 This is my sister and Nicole..her daughter. Nicole is due to have her baby on Nov.2. Not very far from now. Nicole's side view below.:)

 I thought you might like to see a couple of close up pics of some of the CUTE decorations.

 Update on Dad's recovery. He was able to come home this last Friday. Terry, Jim's sister is monitoring his vital signs and sugar etc. She said he is doing really well.:) Thank you once again for your prayers. They are much appreciated!! Hugs!