Friday, October 11, 2013

Another Update.

Good morning !
   I got a call from Terry,Jim's sister, a few days ago and she told us that Dad had a problem with an
irregular heart beat so they couldn't move him into a private room until they found a medication that would work to lower the rapid beat. They finally found one that worked and put him in a private room. Yesterday, Terry called again and told us that Dad's heartbeat was irregular again and that they had to give him two things of blood because his blood count was low. I talked with a friend who's Grandma had a similar heart surgery and he told me that it is normal...because they don't know how much blood Dad lost during the surgery and they replace it as they are able to determine how much is needed. I sure hope he is right.:) Dad said he is tired and I can imagine that is SOO true! Jim was able to chat with him on the phone for a few minutes...but didn't want to keep him up too long.

   Your continued prayers will be much appreciated! Thank you so much!