Monday, September 30, 2013

Robby's 34th Birthday :)

 Today we celebrated our youngest son Robby's 34th Birthday. His wife, Liz made the cake and brought the decorations over to our house.They cleaned up afterwards too.:)

 This is Robby waiting for us to start singing Happy Birthday to him before he blows out the candles.:)

                                          This is Robby holding the card I made for him.I had to rush it though cause they came over a couple of hours sooner than I expected.:)

 This is Robby holding his gift from us. The movie.."Now you see me". Robby has LOVED magic since he was a small boy.Liz said he really wanted this movie. Jim and I saw it in the theater the week it came out. Very interesting.:)

 This is the cookie/brownie cake that Liz made for him. It has cream cheese icing.mmm.:)

                              Guess Robby will have plenty to do for a while.:) Four movies!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look.:)