Friday, September 20, 2013

More Rock City Pics.:)

 This is a pic of a waterfall that only walking onto the man made ledge could get you. SO happy Jim got it.:) Some of these pics came off of our Iphones because my digital camera ran out of battery power.

 After squeezing through Fat Man's Squeeze..this is what we faced next. These steps seemed to just keep going up.There are more going up around the corner.Whew! :)

 This is the home right at the very top of the mountain and looking out over the scenery that is in the pic in my last post.The owner of Rock City lives here and has a park bench right out front on his lawn..looking out over the scenery.WOW!

 That's me in the distance...getting ready to enter the Fairy Land Caverns. This would be so cute to take your kids or grand kids to.:)

 This is a swinging bridge that I avoided with great insistance.LOL When the kids were smaller..we took them to Rock City and I tried the swinging bridge.. once. That was enough for me.:) In this pic..the woman in the back was trying to hold the bridge steady while the woman in the front was walking. I don't know how far they got cause they weren't moving very far when I last saw them.hehe

Jim and I came around a corner and this is what we saw. Pretty cool. A hollowed out log with water running onto the water wheel ..causing it to turn.:)

Thanks again for stopping in to look at my pics with me.:) Please don't leave without saying hi.:)