Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day :)

 This is a card I made and gave to my Mom for Mother's Day from Jim and me.:) She LOVES yellow! I made the paper flower and leaves, then  used my Cuttlebug to do the embossing on the yellow card stock paper on the front and the corner cutouts.The gems and the ribbon are from Michael's craft store.

 This is the inside of the card. I wrote this poem for her. There is a closeup of it below, so you can read it if you would like.I used a corner punch and some gems to accent it.

 Mama prays for our families every morning. That the Lord will bless us and our ministries. She has done this for YEARS!

 This is Mother's day and just a few members of our family. We actually had eighteen altogether. We had it at our house,in our backyard. Jim and Jimmy mowed the yard ..Jim trimmed hedges and got our pond in the front yard going again.All before they got here. He bought some more pine chips and gravel to spruce the area back up. It looks Fantastic! I will need to take a pic and show you next time I am here.:)

 This is just a layout of the food area.:) Destiny ,youngest Grand Daughter is inspecting it.:) That's Jim hiding behind the grill. We had BBQ chicken,potato salad,macaroni salad,cole slaw,baked beans, corn on the cob which Jim and Robby grilled first...before the chicken. Crescent rolls and dessert.Sodas and Tea. Coffee after dinner.We ALL loved it and probably ate too much.:)

 This is the swing set in our backyard. If you remember..Jim built it for the kids a few years ago. That is Zander on the far left, My sister helping her Grandson onto a swing,in the middle and  then Lexi, Our middle Grand Daughter...on the far right. Jim hiding in the front bottom right corner.LOL Just kidding. He didn't make it in this picture.:)

This is Destiny again. She was having a ball trying to touch the tree trunk with her feet.She never made it..but gave it a great try.:) Jim hiding in the corner again.LOL

 I had a FANTASTIC Mother's Day and couldn't have asked for a better gift than to have some of those I LOVE around me.:)

 Thanks for stopping in to take a peek. :)