Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Vacation Trip to Florida. A few pics for now.:)

I guess I need to brush up on the Blogger photo posting and titles etc. I can't seem to get them to let me write anything under each photo the way I use to do it. So..I will just tell you a little about the photos in the order they are posted.:) April 6th... The first photo is of our son Robby and hubby Jim..as they approach the beach. The second photo is of something that either washed up on the beach or someone took moss and painted it different colors.:) The third photo is of Robby and his wife Liz against the sunset. It was Liz's first time EVER to go to the beach and see the ocean and sunset.She LOVED it! The fourth photo is of me taking a pic of Christy taking a pic of the sunset.:) The fifth photo is of the BEAUTIFUL sunset.:) The sixth photo is of the Nuclear Power Plant. It was the only thing that took away from the BEAUTIFUL ocean scenery. KWIM? :) Thanks so much for stopping in.