Monday, February 25, 2013

Home Repairs :)

Home repairs.... Squeaky floor boards involve pulling old linoleum up,removing glue...then screwing the floor boards down ( not using "nails" like the builder did) then replacing the linoleum with vinyl floor tiles.YAY! Things will be MUCH quieter!! Christy will be soo happy..since her room is below ours.;) Jim started this project yesterday ...AFTER replacing our old kitchen faucet that wore out from use.:) I LOVE the faucet.Had one similar and was soo hoping to get another like it. This one came with a soap dispenser that we put in the place of the sprayer spot on the sink...since the faucet already has a sprayer. There are bound to be more repairs...we have lived here for sixteen years this summer. ) Jim's already talking about doing the kitchen floor too. Next project for me....Repaint the spindles on the stair rails. One day at
Guess we will be keeping busy for a long as we are able.:) Thanks for stopping in and please don't leave without saying hi.!!