Monday, January 07, 2013


Good morning everyone..and a Really HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!! :)

 WOW..I am finally able to do a real post.YES!! :) I finally finished Mama and Joe's wedding invitations and they are sending them out this week.Such exciting times for the family.:) I will put pics of the invitation on here next post..(if I remember).LOL

 Christy has been busy,busy, crocheting CHRISTmas presents for several of us. This is ELMO..and she crocheted it for Carrie..our oldest grand daughter..cause she has LOVED Elmo..since FOREVER!!:) It was really kinda funny and sad too..because as soon as Zander (two years old now) saw it..he grabbed it and ran and wouldn't let her have it back for a while. The little stinker.LOL

 This is Mama with the kitty Christy crocheted for her as her CHRISTmas present. It's adorable and Mama LOVES it.:)

 This is the CUTEST hat Christy has crocheted so far.(except for the Marvin the Martian hat she crocheted for me)!!!  It is a present for my Niece.Who is grown with three kids.She LOVED it so much that she actually cried because she was so touched. She had been wanting something Christy handmade for a while now.:) SO SWEET! Christy is the one wearing it for the pic!

 Christy wanted to make CHRISTmas dinner for us this year. Christy made the turkey and it was DELICIOUS and soo moist!! Looks pretty too , all twenty pounds of it!!;) Our family LOVES my mac and cheese (recipe from my MIL) and Christy did an excellent job with this one. She made the Sweet Potato souffle later.:) We all made stuff to go with the turkey and dressing etc.

  This is a LOT of tea..but there is a story behind it.:) I had gotten some Carrington Cinnamon Apple tea from Big Lots a while back. Every time we went to Big Lots..I would get another box or two. you know..if you know Big's a closeout store. For several months I had been looking for more boxes and couldn't find them. I told Christy that I was running out of the ones I had gotten before and it was the only tea that I really liked the flavor of the Cinnamon Apple combination. She ORDERED twelve boxes for me online and put them in a huge CHRISTmas gift bag for my CHRISTmas present!! That's my Daughter!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!! :) She LOVES to give!!

 Well...this is gonna be all for today. I am thinking I need to get to bed for a while..Got a sore throat and cough and inside of my ears are itching.:( It's going around and I guess it's my turn now.:)

If you stop in..please leave a comment so I know it.:)