Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry CHRISTmas  to ALL my friends and family!!


Friday, December 20, 2013

Growing by leaps and bounds! :)

 Our growing family has added four babies in just the last three or four months.  The top two pics are of Isabelle Joy. She was born early this morning by my Niece, Colleen  and her hubby , James ( my brother, second to oldest...Tom's youngest daughter).

 This one is Elora. This is the only pic I had in my folder to share.Must get more.! She is my Niece Brianne and her hubby Ronnie's ( My older brother Lewis's younger daughter) newest member of her own growing family. Elora is their fifth child. :)

The three pics above are of Claire James...my Niece Nicole and her husband ,Troy's ( My sister's daughter) first baby.:) 

The two above are Travis.They call him T.J.  He is my Nephew ) my oldest brother's youngest son) and his wife Julie's first baby. :)

So  you can see that God has greatly BLESSED our family and we are more than THANKFUL to him!

For the record..and this is just my immediate side of the family...

Mama had 4 children. Between us four..we had 15 children..then together our children had 23 children.:)  This doesn't even include my Daddy's side of the family or my new Step Dad, Joe's side of the family.  Then...just Mama and Joe's  family together..... They have 8 children,20 Grand children and 39 Great Grand children. In February..they are expecting another Great Grand child . I told Mama that we are gonna have to have a corner in heaven just for our family.:)

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