Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving dinner pics

 This is Christy AFTER she discovered that the onions were really potent.LOL She even has gloves on her hands. It didn't help much..she still got tears in her eyes...but made me laugh.LOL

 Christy baked the turkey this year. It was AWESOME! SO moist and delicious. She got the recipe from all recipes on line.It's called.."The Perfect Turkey" and they are absolutely RIGHT!:) You have GOT to try it!

 This is the first table we put the food on. Christy and I made some of the things and then family members added to it. Christy made the turkey,baked the rolls and then in the photo below..she made the macaroni and cheese and the sweet potato souffle' .

 This was the dining table. Liz made the pies and the deviled eggs. I made the pistachio whip.

                                 Some of the family watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

                                                                    Dinner time!!! :)
 After dinner we always decorate the house for CHRISTmas. The kids are getting older and don't have to be supervised as they used to..makes things a lot easier.:) This is Zander on the step ladder,Destiny next to him and Lexi sitting on the floor.

                                                                     Zander and Destiny.

                              This is Destiny decorating the hall shelf at the top of the stairs. She wore her clothes layered and was really happy to peal the sweater and skirt off when it got warm in the house.:)  The pic above shows what she was wearing underneath.:) I prolly should have put this one before the other..but you get what I mean..right?:)
Thought I would show you what was under all that wrapping. I made the potato salad.Two kinds actually. One with sugar and without onions...the other with Splenda..and onions for me.:) I also made two Waldorf salads.One with sugar and one with Splenda. It worked out really well. I didn't have to miss any of my favorite dishes.:) Liz made the green bean casserole..which is another favorite of the family.She made two lemon meringue pies. Jim's favorite.:) We had a great time with family and hope that YOU had a wonderful time with yours also.(whenever your Thanksgiving day is/was).

Huge hugs,

Monday, November 25, 2013

Cards and Cookies.:)

 These are a few of the cards I have gotten..almost..finished. I have the outsides completely done and am going to need to find something *COOL* write on the insides.:)  Plus...eventually give credit to the ones who made these CUTE characters for me to use. I knew I was going to have a limited time to complete several I used the same backgrounds ..tweaking the snowline a little on them.I am really happy with the way they turned out.:) Glitter and gems add the sparkle that completes them.

These are only a few of the cookies Christy spent this weekend making. She made so many!! Jim took a gallon zip locked bag full to share with his employees yesterday and Christy loaded up a bag for her fellow employees at the Animal Clinic.Believe me...there are more than enough for us to enjoy for several days.Especially since I am limited with the sugar I can consume.LOL The round ones with the sprinkles are soft sugar cookies that she flavored with almond instead of vanilla. They were a big hit last year!! The oatmeal chocolate chip ones.(second from top in the cookie pics) are MY favorite ones!! They are soooo GOOD! :)

 Christy is cooking for Thanksgiving this year. She did such an AWESOME job with her turkey last year..and I am really looking forward to it again. Family members are cooking side dishes etc to add to the meal. We will have Robby and his family ,our Nephew and his family and our family for the day. After the meal..those who are able to stay awake will help decorate our house for CHRISTmas. It has become a  tradition I suppose.LOL

 Thanks so much for stopping in...and please don't leave without letting me know you were here.:)