Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tennessee Aquarium !

 The aquarium in Tennessee has two different entrances. One for salt water and the other for fresh water. Jim said that the salt water usually has more variety and pretty colors than the fresh. He was right.:)
 This is me.:) Jim asked me to stand in front of the birds so he could get a pic. He also asked..why are there birds in an Aquarium?LOL He then asked why they had a Butterfly Garden when we came to it.hehe

 This is the view of the Tennessee River from about the third story.We took the longest escalator I have ever ridden on to get to this floor.The view was AWESOME though.:)

 We watched a barge being pushed down the river. We don't see this every day where we live.LOL

                                                I got some COOL pics of Jelly Fish too.:)

                                         It looks like one of the crabs was looking for an exit.:)

                                       This is a face only a Mother crab could love.Ewww.:)

 Two of the divers who keep the Aquarium clean had a question and answer time for anyone who wanted to know something about their job or the Aquarium. One of them would do the talking while the other one kept the sharks at a safe distance. They told us that the sharks weren't aggressive ...but I think they weren't really sure.LOL

There's Jim just past that rock on the right. It was really COOL to look up into the different windows to see the sea creatures swimming above our heads!

Well..this is it for this time around. We really did have a great time!It was nice to get away for a couple of days and just relax and enjoy ourselves .:)

Thanks for stopping in again and please don't leave before you say hi.:)


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smiekeltje said...

Oooohhh! You had a great trip there! I am always fascinated by the se life. So many wonders to see and hear about, love to see documentaries about it.
And if you imagine we only know a tiny little bit about sea life what wonders are there still to discover?
Specially about the dark mysterious parts of the sea, way down, very deep in the ever dark parts?
Happy for you that you and Jim had some wonderful days.
Thanks for the pictures, some real great ones.
Have a great weekend.