Monday, September 30, 2013

Robby's 34th Birthday :)

 Today we celebrated our youngest son Robby's 34th Birthday. His wife, Liz made the cake and brought the decorations over to our house.They cleaned up afterwards too.:)

 This is Robby waiting for us to start singing Happy Birthday to him before he blows out the candles.:)

                                          This is Robby holding the card I made for him.I had to rush it though cause they came over a couple of hours sooner than I expected.:)

 This is Robby holding his gift from us. The movie.."Now you see me". Robby has LOVED magic since he was a small boy.Liz said he really wanted this movie. Jim and I saw it in the theater the week it came out. Very interesting.:)

 This is the cookie/brownie cake that Liz made for him. It has cream cheese icing.mmm.:)

                              Guess Robby will have plenty to do for a while.:) Four movies!!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tennessee Aquarium !

 The aquarium in Tennessee has two different entrances. One for salt water and the other for fresh water. Jim said that the salt water usually has more variety and pretty colors than the fresh. He was right.:)
 This is me.:) Jim asked me to stand in front of the birds so he could get a pic. He also asked..why are there birds in an Aquarium?LOL He then asked why they had a Butterfly Garden when we came to it.hehe

 This is the view of the Tennessee River from about the third story.We took the longest escalator I have ever ridden on to get to this floor.The view was AWESOME though.:)

 We watched a barge being pushed down the river. We don't see this every day where we live.LOL

                                                I got some COOL pics of Jelly Fish too.:)

                                         It looks like one of the crabs was looking for an exit.:)

                                       This is a face only a Mother crab could love.Ewww.:)

 Two of the divers who keep the Aquarium clean had a question and answer time for anyone who wanted to know something about their job or the Aquarium. One of them would do the talking while the other one kept the sharks at a safe distance. They told us that the sharks weren't aggressive ...but I think they weren't really sure.LOL

There's Jim just past that rock on the right. It was really COOL to look up into the different windows to see the sea creatures swimming above our heads!

Well..this is it for this time around. We really did have a great time!It was nice to get away for a couple of days and just relax and enjoy ourselves .:)

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Friday, September 20, 2013

More Rock City Pics.:)

 This is a pic of a waterfall that only walking onto the man made ledge could get you. SO happy Jim got it.:) Some of these pics came off of our Iphones because my digital camera ran out of battery power.

 After squeezing through Fat Man's Squeeze..this is what we faced next. These steps seemed to just keep going up.There are more going up around the corner.Whew! :)

 This is the home right at the very top of the mountain and looking out over the scenery that is in the pic in my last post.The owner of Rock City lives here and has a park bench right out front on his lawn..looking out over the scenery.WOW!

 That's me in the distance...getting ready to enter the Fairy Land Caverns. This would be so cute to take your kids or grand kids to.:)

 This is a swinging bridge that I avoided with great insistance.LOL When the kids were smaller..we took them to Rock City and I tried the swinging bridge.. once. That was enough for me.:) In this pic..the woman in the back was trying to hold the bridge steady while the woman in the front was walking. I don't know how far they got cause they weren't moving very far when I last saw them.hehe

Jim and I came around a corner and this is what we saw. Pretty cool. A hollowed out log with water running onto the water wheel ..causing it to turn.:)

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Jim took this week off from work and Friday and Saturday we spent our days first going to Rock City on Friday and then to the Tennessee Aquarium and Imax theater on Saturday.This is a panoramic view of the seven states that we can see from the top of Look Out Mountain. Jim pasted four or five photos that he took from our camera,together so you can see the whole view! It was breath taking!

 We had visited Rock City when the kids were little ones and Jimmy still remembers the trip..but I had forgotten a LOT..I was thrilled to be able to visit it again! If you decide to go..make sure you have your camera and hiking boots on.LOL We walked soo much that day. Stairs up and down and all around too.I wouldn't have missed it for the world..even if we did collapse when we got back to the hotel room.:)

                                     I did a LOT of this exercise while exploring too.LOL

                     Thought I would show you the comparison of Jim against the scenery.:) 

                                        These huge rocks stood out to me. Had to take a pic.:)

 This pic and the ones below shows how small you are when next to these HUGE monster rocks.:)

This one is called Balanced Rock. It is actually a huge rock that is balanced on the two rock pillars and just nested against the mountain on the side towards you ..that you can't see from this pic. I didn't stay there very long.LOL

 This is Fat Man's Squeeze. You come across it while walking the trails and you have to actually turn sideways in a couple of spots in order to get through.Well..WE did turn sideways.I guess it depends on just how fat you are.LOL

No ..I did NOT go out on this ledge!!! Jim told me he was going to go out there and climb over the side of the railing. Here he is PRETENDING to do it. Silly Man!! Okay..I admit..I do not appreciate heights and especially man made objects jutting out over the edge of the world!

                      This is another view of the edge of the world and people looking down. Yikes!

 This is the incredible view we had while lunching on BBQ pork sandwiches and fries.mmm

I will try to post pics of the Tennessee trip to the Aquarium soon.

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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Jimmy's 39th Birthday.:)

  I can't believe it has been 39 years since we had our first child,Jimmy.WOW!:) Friday Sept.6th we celebrated his birthday by taking him to the Pacific Buffet.mmm.:) Later in the evening..after supper,we had the family over to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake and ice cream to celebrate another year with him.:) The kids made cards and coloring pages for him and enjoyed the party as much as he did. I don't know of any child that doesn't just LOVE Jimmy.:) the bottom pic DOES love Jimmy even though he picks on him.LOL He isn't exactly showing brotherly kindness though.hehe

  Jimmy is wearing one  of the t-shirts we got him for Christmas this past year. On the front it says.."Jesus Christ made the Ultimate Sacrifice for you".On the back it says"He was pierced for our transgressions,He was crucified for our iniquities.The punishment that brought us peace was on him and by his wounds we are healed."
  With the way this world is going..I am not sure how long he will be able to wear this shirt without being criticized and told  not to wear it. It is amazing that some people stop him and ask him to turn around so they can read the other side. Most of them tell him.."AMEN!!"  He is a walking testimony without having to say a word.!!:)

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We have been laying carpet tiles and doing repairs to the house. Hopefully I will find more time to post once these things have been accomplished.:) Hugs !!