Sunday, August 04, 2013

Our 42nd Anniversary. Three day trip to Pigeon Forge,Tennessee.:)

                                                 He's all mine...I plan to keep him.:)

                           These are just some of the COOL things that were in Dolly's Store.:)

                                                 Our first show for our two day trip.:) Dixie Stampede dinner show. It was AWESOME and we had more food on our plates than we could eat. No silverware was given. You ate with your fingers and they gave you a hot moist towel to wipe your hands on afterwards. It was a totally new experience for me.:) I wasn't able to take pics cause they didn't allow cameras.:( Lots of horses and tricks done with them one lady riding the back of a horse and jumping through a ring of fire.etc. Teams competing with one another...a huge variety of things to see and hear.:)

 The "Titanic" museum. Got to walk through and see LOTS of things that I had never been told before. Right after visiting here..we went next door for the Hatfield's and McCoy's dinner show.It was two o'clock by now and I was STARVING!!! LOL I know ..seems impossible to be hungry again..but..we were enjoying ourselves.:) Our hotel offered a free continental breakfast each morning too.:) Time to cut back again.LOL

 I asked Jim to stand in front of this truck so I could take a pic of it with him.Click the pic for a closer look. I think the only thing they hadn't attached to it is the KITCHEN SINK!LOL This is only ONE side of the truck too.hehe

                                                  The top two pics are of the dinner show.The rest of the pics are from another show called "Country Tonite"  It was really AWESOME and Jim and I liked this one the best.:) They had country music...a boy and girl who are only twelve years old and sound like they have been at this for YEARS! The girl plays the banjo ( has since she was four years old) like a PRO and SINGS like one too.I didn't think to take a pic of her while she was playing the banjo.:( The boy plays the fiddle and SINGS like a PRO too.:)

There was also COMEDY.LOL They called a Grandpa up when there were two very pretty ladies singing to him and while he was occupied and totally captivated ...they did a switch with one of the ladies and it took FOREVER for him to realize that the switch had been made and it wasn't the lady who was playing with his hair and ear any longer ...but this guy..dressed like a girl.LOL

The morning before coming home we stopped at the candy shop and got the kids some caramel apples and fudge.  That was a big hit!:)

We are still working like crazy to get the repairs done around the house ...but it sure was nice to take a break and have FUN!!

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