Thursday, July 25, 2013

Still quite busy :)

Good morning.:) I HAVE NOT fallen off of the planet.LOL I have been extremely busy.:) One of the things we did recently is go to my great Nephew's 4th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. He really had a great you can see from the pics. These are only a few of them.His name is Gaige. I haven't had the chance to correct the red eyes in the pics yet. I really would love to make a brag book album soon. Time is the only thing that will stop me.:) That is my sister Tionie sitting at the table and Mama is talking to her. Joe has his back to us and Gaige is in front of him.I am behind the camera.LOL

 We have really made progress on the list of things to do from my last post. Jim replaced the siding that was needing replaced. He painted them and also repaired and painted the window frames  outside in the back and side yard. He trimmed the hedges and Beau mowed the yard for us.
Jim cleaned the carpet in the hall,living and dining rooms. I washed down and repainted the spindles etc on the stairway. Jim and Beau have been working steadily on Beau's room. It is coming along quite nicely..but still more to be done. Our sofa was needing repaired. Jim did that yesterday.He repaired the frame work for the side that had broken loose. That was a job that took most of the day. Taking the upholstery off and tearing apart the broken wooden parts and then repairing or replacing them...attaching them back together and then reupholstering them. :) The hardest part was finding room to work on it.:)

 After a full day of trimming the hedges in the backyard and working on the sofa yesterday. Jim and I had planned to go out to eat and Jimmy,Christy, and Beau wanted to go too. We went to the
Pacific Buffet.

We definitely were NOT HUNGRY when we left.:) Today starts another day and I plan to actually CLEAN MY HOUSE.:) So much to little time.hehe

Happy Anniversary to Ed and Tionie (my sister) Today is their 32nd :) Hugs to both of you!!
Wednesday is Destiny's (our youngest grand daughter) 12th birthday.We will be celebrating it on Tuesday with cake and ice cream at our house.
August 1 is Jim and my 42nd Anniversary.

We have a very big family and with so many Birthdays etc it keeps us pretty busy too.:)

Thanks for stopping in and please don't leave without letting me know you were here.:)