Saturday, June 29, 2013


Good morning:)

    I cannot believe it has been over a month since I had posted to my blog!!! I thought things were suppose to get slower as we aged.LOL  Lots of good things happening in our family and I will TRY to get some time to post about it.Seems every time I think of doing a post..something comes up to STOP me. :) Never a dull moment these days!
Some of the things that have been happening....

1.We have a friend who has come to live with us. We needed to make a room for him out of one side of our garage. After some drywall and electric installation...painting and building closets to hide our storage behind them..and fixing one for his clothes etc. It really IS starting to take shape.:) Much more to do though.
2. Jim had to replace some siding on the house and the weather has really taken a toll on the wood frame around the windows. Jim wants me to sand them down after scraping the old paint off and then repaint them...and then paint the siding that he replaced.
3. I want to wash down the spindles etc on our stairway and repaint them. They are needing it soo much.
4. Paper work has backed up. Mail and receipts needing looked through and discarded if not needed.
5. Our carpet in the house needs cleaning. Fortunately we have our own carpet shampooer ..but we are waiting for a space in time for us to be able to do that too.hehe
6.Not to mention all the zillions of other things a woman does around the home.LOL Now we have five living here again and we all have different schedules and things going on at the same time. We STILL get together at least once a week to hear from our Lord.NEVER too busy for HIM.:) Robby and family still come for visits with us each week. Sooo..if you don't hear from me don't get too upset.LOL

I have you ALL in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs!!