Friday, March 15, 2013

Birthday's and Cards.:)

 This is my middle Granddaughter, Lexi. She turned 3/13 this year. She is our leap year girl. I cannot believe she is already 13.WOW! :) We celebrated her birthday at El Nopal Mexican Restaurant. Did you guess that already?LOL I don't recall the paper I used for the back ground but I used some glitter (Studio G) for around the edges of the hearts. The flowers are from the Dollar Tree. I LOVE the decorative numbers I got as freebies from "Crazy 4 Monograms" blog. (Link is in my side bar)

This next card is for my Nephew,Jeremy. He turned 28 this year. We celebrated his birthday at Applebee's Restaurant. Jim said that would be his last trip there cause he really doesn't care for Applebee's. This was Jeremy's choice of restaurant. Oh well..hope he chooses a different one next time.:)

  I loved the idea of the way the card folded out.  I had to find a way though to keep the card from opening up on it's own. It seemed no matter how much I creased the would open up. I found an arrow paper clip that worked just fine.:) The paper is from The Paper Studio. Thought the black background would be COOL for a "man's" card.I wasn't sure how the card would be accepted..but they all said it was pretty.:) Guess that is a good thing.LOL I got the Happy Birthday from one of the files in a kit that I the moment..can't remember.:)  I made a money pocket on the left side and slipped a folded bill into it.  I am SOO out of practice. It seemed to take me FOREVER to complete this one,but that may be because I waited until "THE DAY" to start it.;)

 I really need to start ANOTHER card before Monday...which is our oldest Granddaughter's "18th " birthday. I am feeling a lot older this month for some reason.LOL

 Thank you so much for stopping in and I sure hope you stay long enough to let me know you were here. :)



Judy said...

love all the cards ...lots of b-day too. Awesome ...have a great time with all the grandkids and family ...hugs

missing you ...

smiekeltje said...

You are still "GOOD'with the cardmaking!
And yes, we do feel suddenly a lot older when celebrating the birthdays of the young ones LOL.
Sorry I didn't come more often to leave a comment or send a little mail, but lately I have just trouble fitting all little things to do in one day LOL.
Let's say, that I want to make kits, but they don;t come up so very quick.It is taking me a bit more time, then I do want to answers the mails and I have to look things up on internet, and I cannot and also don;t want to, be all day at the computer. There are also other things to take care of.
Poor excuses, all this but true!
I think you have sometimes the same experience, time is just slipping through your fingers, without you knowing where it went ROFL.
Anyway, have a great weekend and another happy birthday celebration.

Mrs. Miles said...

YAY Valinda,

squeee, it is SO nice you are making some cards again, so good for the creative soul. Both of your cards are wonderful, and I'm sure your family appreciates the time and effort you put into hand making them. I say you're super clever for the paper clip!

Thanks for the photos, its nice to put faces to the names of people we always talk about! (and I get the privelege to pray for)

Love you,