Friday, February 15, 2013

Mama and Joe's Wedding:)

                                                                 Saying their vows.:)

                                                               Taking Communion.:)

                                                          Lighting the Unity candle.:)

                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Gordon :)

Mama and Joe are now husband and wife. :) It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding and we were able to meet most of Joe's family and they ours.My sister ,Tionie is standing with Mama and Joe's son,Joey is standing with Joe. There were lots of smiles all around.:)

 I will try to post more pics later.:)



Judy said...

congrats Mama and Joe...nice Val ...thank you for sharing ...


Mrs. Miles said...

Oh Valinda,

I'm going to wreck my keyboard you know... this is so wonderful. Thank you for letting us share in your Momma's special day. Congrats to the happy couple! May the Lord bless them richly.

♥ Barb