Monday, February 25, 2013

Home Repairs :)

Home repairs.... Squeaky floor boards involve pulling old linoleum up,removing glue...then screwing the floor boards down ( not using "nails" like the builder did) then replacing the linoleum with vinyl floor tiles.YAY! Things will be MUCH quieter!! Christy will be soo happy..since her room is below ours.;) Jim started this project yesterday ...AFTER replacing our old kitchen faucet that wore out from use.:) I LOVE the faucet.Had one similar and was soo hoping to get another like it. This one came with a soap dispenser that we put in the place of the sprayer spot on the sink...since the faucet already has a sprayer. There are bound to be more repairs...we have lived here for sixteen years this summer. ) Jim's already talking about doing the kitchen floor too. Next project for me....Repaint the spindles on the stair rails. One day at
Guess we will be keeping busy for a long as we are able.:) Thanks for stopping in and please don't leave without saying hi.!!


Judy said...

those renos fun ...but I know hwat ever you and Jim do it will be an awesome job.

hugs my friend

smiekeltje said...

Your Jim is unstoppable LOL! Where does he get the energy to do all the work at the house?
We could do too with some repairs or change, but have to wait till we have the money for it. It will come some day again, don;t worry.
Did you get a bit of time to relax after all the hustle of your mom's wedding day and her moving to Joe?
Are they on honeymoon???
Have a wonderful week ahead, and enjoy the new things in your house!

Notes by Nina said...

Hi Valinda, ahh the joys of home repairs. They never seem to end do they :).