Thursday, January 24, 2013


I know in the past,that I have posted that I BELIEVE in DIVINE HEALING.I didn't go into any details and thought today I would do that.Not to boast on my part..but to give "GLORY" to my LORD!:)

 The first HEALING I received from the Lord was when I was very young.I was in Elementary school and had the "WORST" side ache.I remember going to the school clinic and they called my Mom to let her know.Mama took me to the Doctor and they confirmed that it was an appendicitis attack. That they(parents) needed to take me to the hospital.They prayed for me on the way and when we got to the hospital. The Doctors there couldn't find a thing wrong with me.I had been HEALED!

The next healing I remember is when I had a SEVERE sore throat. Worst one I can remember. Jim and our friend Peggy, who worked with Jim at the time in our subdivision building houses,had come home for lunch and I was watching a CHRISTIAN television program and on the program a word from the Lord was given.The lady said "Someone has a severe sore throat,worse than you have ever had and the Lord is healing you" I raised my hand and said, "That's me,I CLAIM it in the name of Jesus".I kid you NOT!! I was healed IMMEDIATELY!!:) I kept swallowing over and over again to make sure.LOL It was GONE! Praise the Lord!:)

Along this time when the Lord had been moving and teaching us...we were attending a small church. The Pastor had asked if anyone wanted to be healed. Jimmy who was probably about five,turned to me and said "I want to go ask the Lord to heal my finger" He had had a BIG wart on his pointer finger,right where the fingernail comes out of the skin... and it had hurt him.I took him forward to have prayer..and then it had slipped my mind..UNTIL...he came to me that week and showed me where he had scratched the  same finger on the upper part. As I was looking at the scratch..I glanced to look at the wart.IT WASN'T THERE! The only thing I saw was a pink circle of fresh skin where the wart had been!!! PRAISE THE LORD!

 The next part I am telling you..because it is a WITNESS...but it is also about the feminine menstrual cycle.Read at your own risk.LOL The bible even discusses that I am not ashamed.:)

 I had been having MIGRAINE headaches for YEARS!! Every menstrual cycle!! I would roll on the floor and ask God to heal me every time.One day a few years ago I was rolling on the floor and asked God to have MERCY on me!! I was out of pain medicine and had asked Jim to go to the Pharmacy to get some for me.He walked down the stairs to go out the door..but when he got to the door..the Lord stopped him and told him to come back up and pray for me.He followed the DIRECTION of the Lord and did just that.IMMEDIATELY..I felt something come into my head and go through my body and back out of my right foot. I HAVE NOT had a Migraine headache since that day!!! Praise the Lord!

 Next..same as before..Menstrual cycle.:)

 Jim and I have been under the INSTRUCTION of the Lord for years and recently he has been dealing with us concerning his Kingdom.I truly believe he is a REWARDER to those who DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM!:)

 During these teachings he took us deeper into HIS knowledge.( The HOLY SPIRIT WILL TEACH YOU ALL THINGS) It is a walk that we had to DECIDE on.We DECIDED long ago to PRESS TOWARD the MARK for the PRIZE of the HIGH CALLING OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS. IT is a process of RENEWING your mind.:)

 I had a fibroid tumor(these are very a baseball) the size of an orange on my uterus.It was painful and had gotten to the point of hurting me whenever I would lay on my tummy or get up from a sitting position.It wasn't getting any better. One time during Jim and my time with the Lord.The Lord told me,through Jim,that I could have anything I wanted as a REWARD for DRAWING TO HIM. Jim and I discussed it for a few minutes and then we prayed and asked the Lord to heal the tumor.I didn't think about it until the next morning when I had started a menstrual cycle.One I had not had in over a YEAR!!  I was reminded of the tumor and it was GONE!!! I had a regular menstrual cycle and then NOTHING SINCE THAT TIME. The LORD had cleaned it out of my system!! Talk about working in MYSTERIOUS ways!!PRAISE THE LORD!:)



Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mama's Wedding Invitation

 I wanted to show the Wedding invitations that Christy and I made for Mama and Joe's Wedding.:)  This is the outside of the invitation. I LOVE the way the elements on the top (doves and love) show on the outside of the invitation and also when opening the continues to show inside. :)  We decided to use interlocking hearts to close the cards. We used a Cuttlebug embossing plate and then cut and glued the embossed cardstock to fit the flaps that close the card.Oh..and the red hearts are embossed too! We used an EK Success punch for the corner designs on the flaps and little tiny diamond gems to add a bit more to it.

 This is the inside of the Invitation. I blurred out the address for the wedding.Cause I just thought that
would be proper. Can't have EVERYONE showing up.LOL Guess we could if we added.."bring your own food" to the reception part.hehe

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Birthdays :)

 I DID make a card this last week!! :) This was one for Christy. She turned 36 years old on the 11th of this month. It amazes me how fast our kids can grow into adults!! :) I made the card from a background paper from Just So Scrappy's Make a Wish kit.(link to her blog in my sidebar). I used decorative scissors to cut around the edges of white card stock paper and then used Dye Based ink from Craft Smart to add color to the edges.The color is Brick Red. The ribbon on the front of the card is from Michael's Craft Store.It's Wrights Prestige Ribbon. The card went together pretty quickly and Whew..was I happy to have the time to decorate TWO cakes for that evening. Jim had turned "60" on the 9th and I was sick we weren't able to do much celebrating.Christy told me on her birthday..that she wanted to share her birthday with Dad. Isn't that SWEET of her? :) Well..I had bought two cake mixes and extra icing for decorating a big cake for her since we were inviting several members of our family to help celebrate it with her. When she told me that she wanted to share her birthday I just made two cakes pretty much the same way as this one and put Happy 60th Birthday on one and Happy Birthday Christy with a couple of candles.3&6.:) We had a great time too.
  Hope you will excuse the dullness of the pics.I didn't have the time to correct them if I wanted to actually do a post again.LOL

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Monday, January 07, 2013


Good morning everyone..and a Really HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!! :)

 WOW..I am finally able to do a real post.YES!! :) I finally finished Mama and Joe's wedding invitations and they are sending them out this week.Such exciting times for the family.:) I will put pics of the invitation on here next post..(if I remember).LOL

 Christy has been busy,busy, crocheting CHRISTmas presents for several of us. This is ELMO..and she crocheted it for Carrie..our oldest grand daughter..cause she has LOVED Elmo..since FOREVER!!:) It was really kinda funny and sad too..because as soon as Zander (two years old now) saw it..he grabbed it and ran and wouldn't let her have it back for a while. The little stinker.LOL

 This is Mama with the kitty Christy crocheted for her as her CHRISTmas present. It's adorable and Mama LOVES it.:)

 This is the CUTEST hat Christy has crocheted so far.(except for the Marvin the Martian hat she crocheted for me)!!!  It is a present for my Niece.Who is grown with three kids.She LOVED it so much that she actually cried because she was so touched. She had been wanting something Christy handmade for a while now.:) SO SWEET! Christy is the one wearing it for the pic!

 Christy wanted to make CHRISTmas dinner for us this year. Christy made the turkey and it was DELICIOUS and soo moist!! Looks pretty too , all twenty pounds of it!!;) Our family LOVES my mac and cheese (recipe from my MIL) and Christy did an excellent job with this one. She made the Sweet Potato souffle later.:) We all made stuff to go with the turkey and dressing etc.

  This is a LOT of tea..but there is a story behind it.:) I had gotten some Carrington Cinnamon Apple tea from Big Lots a while back. Every time we went to Big Lots..I would get another box or two. you know..if you know Big's a closeout store. For several months I had been looking for more boxes and couldn't find them. I told Christy that I was running out of the ones I had gotten before and it was the only tea that I really liked the flavor of the Cinnamon Apple combination. She ORDERED twelve boxes for me online and put them in a huge CHRISTmas gift bag for my CHRISTmas present!! That's my Daughter!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!! :) She LOVES to give!!

 Well...this is gonna be all for today. I am thinking I need to get to bed for a while..Got a sore throat and cough and inside of my ears are itching.:( It's going around and I guess it's my turn now.:)

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