Monday, October 01, 2012

Christy Made Another Crocheted Animal!!

                         This is where it ALL starts. At the bottom and working her way up.:)

                        The BASE of the body and her ergonomic handle for her crochet hook!:)

                                    Added the neck,head and nose then stuffed them.:)

                                                            Feet and nose stuffed!

And it is! A Lavender Giraffe!! Isn't it sooo CUTE!!? Christy brought it up to me after she got most of it done ( she added the tail and mane after she showed it to me) and said.." I have a gift for you as she pulled this CUTEY from behind her back!! :) I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much Christy for this WONDERFUL gift!! I will treasure it ALWAYS!:)

I don't have the link to the sight where she got the crochet pattern..yet. She got it off of Pinterest.:) I think she had to purchase this pattern since she couldn't find a free pattern ...and she really wanted it.:)

I want to thank each of you who have stopped in and left sweet comments for Chrsity and me. We really LOVE hearing from you. Makes our day!!:)

 Huge hugs,