Monday, August 06, 2012

Sisters - I'm Gonna Make It Through

Eye trouble again.:(

Good morning my friends.:) I just wanted to let you know that I am having some eye troubles again. The last few years I have had something going on with them. My eyes would get tired and I started seeing double until I rested them.One time I was looking at my monitor and it was like a crystal lake swirling on the screen.Weird and kinda scary until I read about eye migraines. Recently I started having trouble in my left eye. It is like a haze or film over it when I look at stuff. It seems to be getting worse so I am going to have to go to the eye doctor to see what is going on with that.:( I am having to spend less time looking at the monitor etc and watching TV hasn't been as enjoyable as it use to be. This is one of the reasons my posts have been short my visits to my friends blogs have slowed down too.I have a hard time with the glare on my monitor while reading your posts. I want to thank my dear friend Kyra for sending two awards to me this past week!!:) How SWEET of you! If possible I will try to follow the rules and pass them on to some much deserving blog friends.:) I haven't quit..just slowing way down for a while until I get my eye problem taken care of.:) We are trusting our Lord to intervene in this situation. He has healed me soo many times before..several times..instantly... and as that song says..He'll Do It Again.:) Your prayers will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.:) Hugs, Valinda