Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Easter Layouts..:)

 I know..this one looks familiar.(last post)  I decided to add a frame to the photo. :)

 This is a layout of Ruthie..my Nephew and Niece's daughter (Great Niece)... and Lexi..my middle Grand daughter. It wasn't easy getting great pics when the kids were running to find the eggs. You wouldn't believe how many pics got taken with them as a blur.LOL

This one is of Ruthie...in the background finding an egg and Kai..her little brother..prolly thinking that is the spot to find them.LOL Carrie (oldest Grand daughter) is helping Zander find eggs. He is growing up sooo fast!!:) I added a frame to this one and the one above. The swirly one is Gaye's and in the kit.:) I also used a scalloped shape in my paint program and filled it with Gaye's paper ..to add to the page.

 I know these are more along the traditional kind of scrap booking. But these days..that's about the best I can do with my eyes. I can't sit hours and hours looking at tiny dots (pixels) trying to make sure I got them all when extracting elements etc.:) Personally..I like this kind of scrapping.LOL Good thing huh? :)

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