Monday, July 02, 2012

Panorama Farm Market

 Friday morning...Mama and her friend Joe, Tionie (my sister) and I went to Elijay,Ga.( an hour or more trip from our town) to get some apples. Joe said he had gone there a few weeks ago to get some apples and they didn't have any yet. Well.. we were informed once we got there that the apples don't come to them until either the end of July..or during August or September. So..Tionie and I got some peaches and mine are ripening on my kitchen counter now.:)

 I always enjoy going into these kinds of markets to see what things they have come up with to can and sell..or try to sell..LOL This is only a small part of the pictures I took while there.:) Mama and Joe are looking over the baked goodies.

 Here's a closer pic so you can drool with me.LOL If you look deep into the pic you will see that the store is larger than you would think.This pic was taken at the front door looking in to the left.

 This pic was taken from the center of the store ..looking towards the back. You can see Joe getting some of his Muscadine (ms) Cider. He said he LOVES it.:) Mama is in the foreground and Tionie is looking the canning section over in the background.

 Here is Joe getting some Apple Cider for Mama. This is on the shelf  behind the Muscadine cider.

 Here is the Bakery where they make all kinds of breads and pies. They had apple -cinnamon bread plus home made apple pies too.I have a pic I will try to post tomorrow of the gorgeous and delicious pies cooling on the baking rack. Mouth watering and I didn't even taste any of them!! I did try a sugar free fried apple pie.Not too bad...for sugar free.hehe

 This is my sister being herself. Isn't she CUTE? LOL See the brooms hanging on the wall? Tionie drew me into this part of the store.hehe

This is Mama and Joe looking at Jaw Breakers in glass containers and a couple of ceramic Jungle Monkeys on the top shelf. She said.."Those are us,Joe". Snort! :)

More tomorrow.:)