Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update on porch and shutters etc

 Okay..first of all..I did the pics in the wrong order.LOL This is the "final" pic of the porch and matching door and shutters. We all LOVE the colors. Especially Christy..she specified ..NO ORANGE. hehe You can see the orange door and the bottom corner of the orange shutters in the pic below.:) She was soo happy to see the orange gone.LOL

 It has taken a while to spruce the house up but is well worth the time and effort. We have lived here for sixteen years and it really needed it.I still need to clean up the brick..but will wait for Jim to move the stuff from in front of the garage door. As you can tell from the pic below some of the framing around the window got wood rot. (the bottom frame) Jim has replaced that piece this morning and it looks great!! The stuff in front of the garage door is his makeshift scaffolding so he can reach the window.:) He covered it to keep it dry and takes the tarp etc off when he uses it.

 We have a two car garage..but Jim's wood shop is in the one on the right and all the a small pool table is in the one behind the scaffolding. He covers the pool table with another tarp when it isn't in use.:) I have an air hockey table that fits over  the pool table but I haven't used it since Christy moved back in and we gave her room back to her and moved the game room to the garage. (still needs lots of work to actually make it a game room. Right now..the pool table has been a really big help for us when we are painting slats etc.LOL Seems when no one knows where to put something in the ends up on the pool table too.:)

The porch etc has come a LONG way from here. It is soo nice to have a man around the house who use to be a mason and a carpenter.Seems Christy is learning a lot too since she seems to be the one out there working with him. She is crafty in all areas and I am so proud of  both of them!!:)

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