Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day :)

Well..seems I got so busy on Father's Day that I only took four pics with my camera and they aren't worth posting.LOL  Jim and Jimmy worked really hard out in the yard for our cookout with the family.Jimmy mowed the yard and Jim weed eated and trimmed hedges and cleaned up the edges of the yard around the driveway etc.

There were 21 of us here Sunday afternoon.:) We had hamburgers and hotdogs and everyone except the kids (well ...they did bring their energy..hehe )  brought something to go with them. It is soo much easier that way than one person having to do it all.KWIM? We had bible study that evening after most of the family left to go home. Robby and family stayed late..because he didn't have to work the next day.:)

 It has been a really FULL week for me. Not only Father's Day but the week leading up to it. Seems a LOT of people were out shopping at the same time I was and the electric wheel chairs at the stores were already being used. (every store Christy and I went into on her days off) I had to walk everywhere I went and for my poor ankle..that isn't a good thing.:( It wasn't as bad as it could have been though. At least I could rest it while going from one store to the other.LOL This lasted for a few days shopping and going to the craft stores etc.Needless to say..when I got home from shopping ..I was pretty much useless.:) Talk about shopping til you drop!!LOL

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