Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Still fixing my computer.:(

  First I want to THANK those of you who have taken time to leave a comment for me. I SOOO appreciate it.:) THANK YOU!!

  I just wanted to pop in to update you on my computer woes.LOL  Jim tried putting the operating system on his older hard drive but when it got finished loading...the drive was practically full. So...we went out yesterday to get one a bit bigger....but first ...we started our day..going to McDonald's for sausage,egg, and cheese biscuits,hash browns,coffee and orange juice. I haven't had that in a longgg time.:) Then we took the to our mechanic friend. He has an inspection station in his shop. It passed the test..yay! We then took the van up the street to another shop that had ordered a motor and switch panel for it we could open the back right window.(It wasn't working).They found out it was the switch and not the he just had to change out the switch panel. So..our second item on our list for the day was accomplished and it only took a couple of minutes.:) Then..we headed to the Big Lots down the way from the shop. Okay...I went in to get some cranberry juice and to look around some.I started putting stuff in the cart..Jim added to it and before we left..we had spent close to $45.00.:/  Fortunately..we hadn't been shopping like that for a while.Jim has been tied up building Christy's craft area and we had been cleaning and organizing on his vacation.

We didn't stop after the Big Lots.:) We headed towards the tag office so we could get our new tag for the van. Got it...then headed to Orr tires. Got two new ones cause the ones on the van when we bought it were really needing replaced. We feel much safer now.:) Then..we headed towards Micro Center (computer store) to get the hard drive. By this time it was getting lunch Jim pulled into the Kentucky Fried Chicken so we could eat again.Then we went to Micro Center.(computer store) Got the hard drive...left there and headed towards the house.Traffic gets plain AWFUL in the afternoons.Folks coming home after work.(Atlanta interstate traffic).:/ We were closer to home when we took our next to last stop.Walmart!! :) Last stop..home sweet home!!:) I was exhausted after all that running around and me not use to for supper I fixed grilled ham and cheese sandwiches using french bread.mmmm Then I opened a couple of cans of Chunky Chicken soup and heated them up to go with them.Fast supper ..which I really love!!hehe Watched TV for most of the rest of what was left of the evening. Mostly the DIY channels. HGTV etc   We did watch the new Mansions show they had been advertising all month. Did any of you see it? The first guy has a train and tracks going around his property you see in theme parks.Small but working just fine. He even had a small area that had a small zoo. A library three or four times the size of our local one. He has an original King James Bible in it. He allows students from the local Christian school to check out books. It's all on the computer.:)
  Well...after cleaning the kitchen  and getting coffee ready to turn itself on in the morning.I hit the bed.Jim was in the office installing the operating system on the new drive.Tiredness got to him too... isn't ready for me to use it yet..oh well..I still have papers to sort!LOL

Thanks for stopping in again. Sure miss you!! :)