Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good morning :)

  I just wanted to pop in to let you know that my main hard drive in my computer stopped working. It said it had an error and evidently it was a BIG one..cause no matter what Jim tried to get it working just wouldn't cooperate.:( We went to Best Buy yesterday and got a new one.Jim installed the operating system on an old drive he had and the new drive will be for my data/file storage.That way..hopefully if the main drive goes kaput again..I will still have my info.:) I lost quite a bit on the drive..but I usually have backed up files on cd disks.Will check those out soon..but not today.:)
  If you don't see me around for a's cause I am concentrating on other things at the moment. Today..I am gonna clean my closet out.Yesterday Jim cleaned the office closet out while looking for a certain wire...which....btw..he never found.:) That closet looks nice now though. He got rid of three computer towers he said were no good. Several floppy disks that he had saved from the Amiga computer he had from the 1990's.Yeah..a big box of useless disks.What can I say?LOL I did save the ones I can use on my computer though. We had a camera a few years back that used floppy disks in them. I saved all of those.Gonna make sure I copy them to cd's.:) Not today though.LOL Everything seems to go a lot nicer when you are organized and can actually find what you are looking for in less time than before. Cept that elusive wire Jim was looking for.hehe

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